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Yarra Client Package

  Version 0.65b1 – Release Date: 2024-06-11
  • Added support for XA51, XA60, and XA61
  • ORT: Added mechanism for tracking which cases have been submitted
  • RDS: Added mechanism for showing notifications on scanner host
  Version 0.62 – Release Date: 2022-10-17
  • Introduced Yarra Diagnostics tool
  • Added support for XA40 and XA50
  • Updated UI design
  • RDS: Option for alternative local buffer location
  Version 0.60 – Release Date: 2022-01-25
  • ORT: Increased possible length of ACC
  • RDS: Excluding invalid characters from sequence names
  Version 0.59 – Release Date: 2021-12-17
  • Support for XA30A and XA31A
  • Introduced disconnect command for RDS
  • Added RDS option for remote LPFI file
  Version 0.58 – Release Date: 2020-07-26
  • Support for XA20A and XA20B
  • Various bugfixes
  Version 0.55 – Release Date: 2019-11-06
  • Support for VE11S
  • Added SAC option to send additional files with task
  • Additional logserver notification for improved client monitoring
  • Configurable timeouts for rawdata export with RDS
  Version 0.54 – Release Date: 2019-06-27
  • Improved support for XA11A and XA11B
  • Added menu to launch ORT and other components that opens when right-clicking on the small Yarra status icon
  Version 0.53 – Release Date: 2019-06-18
  • Support for VB19B, VE11D, VE11E, VE12U, XA11A, XA11B
  • Contact us to obtain certificates needed for installation on XA systems (Vida, Sola)
  • YarraCloud integration for ORT and SAC
  • Included Yarra Cloud Agent
  • Various stability improvements
  Version 0.52 – Release Date: 2018-01-18
  • Support for VE11C, VE11P, and XA10A
  • RDS and ORT: Support for Yarra LogServer
  • RDS: Remote protocol definition
  • RDS: Configurable startup commands for reconnection of network shares
  • RDS: Activity icon top-right on screen
  • RDS: Jittering option for transfer time
  • SAC: Interface for submitting batch jobs
  Version 0.51 – Release Date: 2016-07-14
  • ORT,SAC: Permit characters in Accession Number
  • Support for QHD displays
  • Bugfixes
  Version 0.50 – Release Date: 2016-02-11
  • Bugfix for VE11A support (adjustment data was not saved)
  • Added support for VE11B
  Version 0.48 – Release Date: 2015-08-11
  • Added load balancing and task routing mechanism
  • Separate configuration dialog for ORT client
  • Updated design
  • RDS: Added option to recursively create all parent directories of base path
  Version 0.44 – Release Date: 2015-06-12
  • Added support for VE11A
  • ORT: Displaying more scans in list by default
  • ORT and SAC: Changed focus behavior of ACC input fields
  Version 0.43 – Release Date: 2014-10-27
  • ORT: Added context menu to notification control that allows inserting @ character. Added option to define email presets for the notification control (via RDS.ini section [ORT] keys MailPreset1=… MailPreset2=…)
  • SAC: Bugfix for notifications (notifications were not sent to addresses defined for the mode). Bugfix for automatic selection of reconstruction modes for VD13 files


  Version 0.97 – Release Date: 2019-06-19
  • Introduced "suspend & resume" functionality for tasks
  • Added "process one task & terminate" server option for Docker integration
  • Updated configuration files for Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04 (systemd)
  • Changed build environment to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • WebGUI: Updated embedded links to domain
  • PACSTransfer: Added option to send full directory in one step
  • SetDCMTags: Updated to newer version
  Version 0.96 – Release Date: 2016-07-14
  • Cleaning system log if size gets too large
  • Changed default value for keeping rawdata to true
  • Webgui: Task queue now has a tab with completed tasks
  • Webgui: Server list can be edited using the GUI
  • Webgui: Optimized display of log files
  • Webgui: Support forum has been integrated
  • Bugfixes
  Version 0.95 – Release Date: 2016-01-16
  • WebGUI has been integrated into server package
  • Upgrade for GCC 4.8 for C++11 support
  • Added installation mechanism for modules
  • Added server upgrade mechanism through WebGUI
  • Added macro for user installation path
  • Bugfixes
  Version 0.91 – Release Date: 2015-11-24
  • Supports chain of (up to 20) transfer modules instead of only single transfer module
  • Integrated additional mechanisms to detect malfunctioning modules (output timeout, max output lines, …)
  • Added macro for Matlab installation path
  • Minor bugfixes
  Version 0.8 – Release Date: 2015-06-12
  • Added support macro for calling Matlab programs as Yarra modules
  • Multiple minor improvements and bugfixes
  Version 0.61 – Release Date: 2014-10-27
  • Integrated mechanism to preserve the active task if the server is powered off during a reconstruction. The task will be moved to the fail directory, an error notification will be sent, and the work directory will be cleared for the next task.
  • Extended the IniPatch module such that additional keys can be overwritten with fixed values that are defined in the .mode file
  Version 0.5 – Release Date: 2014-10-10
  • First public release
  • Multiple minor improvements and bugfixes

Yarra WebGUI

Starting with YarraServer version 0.95, the WebGUI is now part of the server package

  Version 0.17 – Release Date: 2015-11-24
  • Added macro for Matlab installation path
  • Removed obsolete ServerType definition
  • Minor UI changes
  • Please replace all files when upgrading from prior versions. Some support files have changed
  Version 0.16 – Release Date: 2015-07-20
  • Static linking of required libraries
  • Minor improvements
  Version 0.13 – Release Date: 2014-10-27
  • Added configuration page that provides most functions for maintaining the server
  • Added new mechanism to automatically generate the mode-list file YarraModes.cfg from the .mode files. Using this mechanism, all information about reconstruction modes (server- and client-side) are now contained in one file. It also provides a simple mechanism to resort and temporarily disable reconstruction modes
  • Added button to the log page to delete log files older than 14 days
  • Note: If you update from a previous version, make sure to not only exchange the binary file YarraWebGUI but also the file yarra.css in the subdirectory webgui/html/style
  Version 0.11 – Release Date: 2014-10-16
  • Added missing functions for viewing and editing submitted reconstruction tasks

Yarra Client Tools

  Version 0.5 – Release Date: 2022-03-23
  • Added option to yct_getseqparams for indexing all Twix files in folder/subfolders
  • Added anonymizer support for XA30 and XA31
  • Fixed parser bug in yct_getseqparams
  Version 0.4 – Release Date: 2021-08-13
  • Removal of additional information from XA20 files during anonymization
  Version 0.3 – Release Date: 2021-07-22
  • Added option to list measurements contained in Twix file
  • Added support for XA20
  Version 0.14 – Release Date: 2020-01-30
  • Added patient age and gender as table information.
  • Updated binaries for Ubuntu 16.04+
  Version 0.13 – Release Date: 2017-04-12
  • Added CSV export
  • Showing MRN and ACC in infobox to make information copyable to clipboard
  • Made information box collapsible
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