Overview - YarraCloud

 Cloud-Driven Reconstruction Service

YarraCloud is a cloud-based service that allows performing offline reconstructions without the need to install local Yarra servers. YarraCloud has been built on a containerized version of the YarraServer binary and integrates seamlessly into the Yarra ORT and SAC clients. It enables centers that don’t have the funds available for purchasing an on-premise server or that don’t have the technical expertize to operate a Linux server to perform offline-reconstructions through a pay-per-use model.

YarraCloud runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and meters utilized compute resources for every user. Patient health information (PHI) is removed prior to upload of the raw-data to the cloud and reinserted locally into the DICOMs before storing results in a PACS, so that no sensitive patient information ever leaves the hospital network. The data transfer into and from the cloud is managed by the Yarra Cloud Agent that runs as background task on scanners and workstations. Customer information, storage locations, and reconstruction settings are configured conveniently through a web-based admin interface.

YarraCloud is currently in closed beta testing with invited collaboration partners.

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