Logserver - Installation

 Installing LogServer

Yarra LogServer (YLS) has been tested and developed under Ubuntu 16.04. Therefore, it is most likely to work when running on a server with this version of Ubuntu.

YLS is not designed to be made available to the internet. It should never be made available outside your internal network. The system uses common-sense security measures to protect patient data, but it was not designed to withstand a determined attack across the public internet.

Installation is simple. First, download the most recent yarralogserver package. Install it like this:

sudo dpkg -i yarralogserver_0.8-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb && sudo apt-get install -f

All the main drudge work should be done by the installation script. It creates a yarra system user, installs two services (YarraLogServer and YarraLogViewer, the latter provides a web administration interface and simple search mechanism).

To verify that it has been installed correctly, visit https://localhost:4444 to open the web-based admin interface. You will probably have to click through a security warning regarding the self-signed certificate that the server is using (the server will not respond to unencrypted http requests). This is normal and can be ignored.

If the login page does not appear, check the health of the yarralogviewer process. Any number of things might have broken it here. If it looks like it’s something we broke, please get in touch.

sudo systemctl status yarralogviewer

The next thing to check is the health of the LogServer service. This is the process that receives and stores the information coming from the clients. Navigate to https://localhost:4443/test, which should give you an empty page, but not error. This verifies that the LogServer is running and accepting connections.